If you are planning to schedule chimney repair services in the near future, consider asking these five questions to the Calgary masonry company you hire. It’s important to know about all the work that is done in and around your home.

Ask the Chimney Repair Company if They Are Certified

One of the first questions to ask a Calgary chimney repair company is if they are licensed and certified to do the work. Certified technicians bring refined skills and expertise to the job, and you can be confident in their abilities. Look for a company that advertises being Red Seal Certified.

Ask the Masonry Company if They Are Insured

You can hire a masonry company to come and do the repairs on your chimney and fireplace. To have the best experience, make sure the company you hire has insurance. A business with a proper insurance policy will ensure the safety of you, your family and your home, as well as the workers involved.

Ask About The Chimney Repairs

When a technician comes to perform Calgary chimney repairs, ask about the work they will be doing. In order to gain an idea of how to prevent the repairs, ask how the problem started and if there is anything you can do on your own if it happens again.

Ask the Chimney Repair Company About Inspections

To ensure the ultimate safety of you and your family, it’s a good idea to have an inspection completed in conjunction with any chimney repairs or fireplace repairs. Ask the company if they offer inspections and if they have any recommendations to make.

Ask the Calgary Masonry Company About Additional Services

It’s always convenient when you can have one company manage various repairs around your house. Ask the technician that comes to do your chimney repairs about the other services they offer. They may be able to help with Calgary brick repair, concrete masonry, stone veneer services, or glass block installation.

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