If you’re looking to get some masonry work done around your home, you may be asking yourself what is stone veneer and how does it differ from the real thing? While stone masons in Calgary are skilled at working with both materials, you might find you prefer stone veneer once you learn more about it.

Manufactured Stone Veneer is Made From Artificial Materials

While it looks almost exactly like the real thing, stone veneer comes from artificial materials including cement, aggregates and, in some case, polyurethane. One of the main benefits of stone veneer is that you can customize the colours, a benefit only made possible through manufacturing.

Manufactured Stone Veneer is Cast From Real Stone, Brisk or Rock

The natural look of manufactured stone is possible because it is generally cast from a mould. The moulds are crafted from real stone, brick or rock to simulate the appearance of the real thing. The next time you require Calgary stone masonry services for a fireplace installation or other project, you may want to give stone veneer a try.

Manufactured Stone Veneer is Durable

Due to its manufacturing, stone veneer is generally more durable than brick or stone, which means repairs may be required less frequently. Calgary brick repairs and chimney repairs can be expensive projects so stone veneer can save you money in the long run.

Stone Veneer is Affordable

The most significant benefit of choosing stone veneer as an alternative to the natural materials is the cost. A Calgary masonry project using stone veneer versus brick or stone may end up costing you more than 50% less. With a customizable, natural look at a more affordable cost, stone veneer is a no-brainer when it comes to stone masonry services in Calgary.

Now that you know more about stone veneer and some the benefits of using it, consider some of the ways you can use it around the house such as a fireplace surrounding and hearth, a feature wall or even in the bathroom for a spa-like effect.

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