Exquisite Detail Is Added To Our Stone and Brick Pillars

Masonry brick pillars are a classic addition to patios, fences, or entryways. They are durable, long-lasting and can be more cost efficient compared to other fence and column materials. We apply the proper techniques to build a solid foundation ensuring decades of longevity with pillars. Pillars can be built with natural or manufactured stone, brick, or block so regardless of what your masonry needs, we work to make it happen. No job is complete till you are satisfied because we believe that value of our work only comes when our customers have their expectations exceeded. We can work with your budget, schedule and structure to deliver the highest quality products, expert craftsmanship, most importantly without breaking the bank.


ACL came out to replace the grout in a leaky glass block shower, but discovered that it was actually the caulking causing the problem. They fixed it quickly and were genuinely concerned about solving my ongoing issue that others before them misdiagnosed. Very friendly, competent team and the cost was more than reasonable. I would highly recommend them!

– Kevin Drader

I contacted ACL via email & within a few minutes someone got back to me. The service was very prompt & professional. When their crew arrived they explained things very clearly, they were honest, & paid great attention to detail. I highly recommend them.

– Justin Paul

I had my chimney totally redone. ACL was knowledgeable, diligent and had the job done on time and on budget. Even though there were challenges throughout the project, this company handled every obstacle and that really eased my mind.

– Jason Kowalski

ACL was  a pleasure to deal with, knew what I wanted, and was done fast and professional. I expect my neighbours to be calling real soon!

Sylvain Lauzon