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For thousands of years, brick has been used as one of the main masonry materials due to its strength and durability in the harsh Canadian climate. Whether it’s new construction on a brick veneer wall or an existing brick application, our certified masons have a wide breadth of experience dealing with all aspects of brick in both residential or commercial settings. Brick can be used on homes, pillars, doorsteps, walkways, chimneys, and load bearing walls.

When dealing with the constant freeze/thaw cycles in Calgary, it’s important to assure your brick is properly protected. There are many factors associated with the deterioration of brick. Most common factors include water infiltration, lack of cap or flashing, wrong type of mortar, plugging of weep vents, using silicone in brick joints, or efflorescence. Efflorescence can be brought in from the salts used on the roads causing white stains on the brick. Both water and efflorescence will eat away at the brick over time, causing it to deteriorate.


Stone is one of the most beautiful and natural construction materials. It is also one of the most durable. Many ancient stonework structures around the world have outlasted the ravages of war, as well as the civilizations that built them. Stone is widely used in many applications such as the exterior of your home, decorative fences, pillars, walkways such as flagstone, and much more. ACL Masonry takes great pride in our stonework and promises to deliver at or above customer expectations.

We also specialize in Manufactured stone, which has become extremely popular in Calgary due to the numerous types available at an affordable cost.  Manufactured stone is fabricated by using a lightweight concrete mix with different styles of molds and coloring processes, which make it resemble real stone without the need to install any support systems. It has become a very popular building material due to its resemblance of natural stone.


Concrete block is a common material used in the Calgary commercial/industrial sector. Whether a truck ran into your warehouse, you have overhead door damage, or you require filling in an opening, we do everything necessary to match the existing work and apply structural requirements to ensure it meets engineer’s approval. When replacing or repairing block, we ensure concrete re-enforcement & lintel support is also intact.  ACL Masonry specializes in all types of block applications such as foundations, vehicle impacts, demising walls, veneer walls, elevator shafts, firewalls, retaining walls, waste enclosures & more.


We offer comprehensive chimney repair and restoration services in Calgary and surrounding area. You may notice the brick on the upper portion of your chimney is starting to deteriorate on (most commonly) the top 2 or 3 rows. This is a result of moisture getting in through the top part of the chimney crown. If your chimney crown shows any signs of cracking, moisture is getting inside and it’s being absorbed by the brick and then falls victim to the freeze/thaw cycle. This will also cause the mortar to deteriorate. You may notice pieces of brick on your roof beside your chimney. If the brick has been painted, look for signs of flaking & peeling.

No matter how often you have your chimney cleaned and inspected, over time, it will require the attention of a chimney repair expert. If your chimney has any of the problems mentioned above, don’t put off the repairs. Getting repairs done now will save you money in the long run, and help prevent hazards such as black mould, moss, falling mortar, brick and concrete, smoke damage, or even a collapsing chimney.

Chimney Rebuild

If the brick on the chimney has been severely damaged all the way down, there is a good chance of a chimney liner leak. If condensation is escaping through the liners, the brick will be absorbing it and will begin to crack or deteriorate. If this is the case, we would either partially rebuild or fully rebuild the chimney depending on the extent of the damages using a brick to closely match the original as best as possible.


Living in Alberta and enduring our cold, long winters make having a fireplace a beautiful and functional addition to one’s home. However, there comes a time when your fireplace needs to be replaced, updated, or when you wish to add a fireplace to a new room. As certified specialists, ACL Masonry is able to correct any issues with your current fireplace; it may be incorrectly designed and add more smoke to your room than heat. We are proficient at ensuring that the fireplace does as it’s meant to, in addition to being an elegant attraction to your home.


Over time, weathering and decay cause voids in the mortar between masonry units (bricks), allowing the entrance of water. Water entering through these voids can cause significant damage through freeze/thaw, and from salt dissolution and deposition. Re-pointing brings back the good bond and seal of the masonry units. We take care in removing old mortar to prevent damaging any brick in the process. Once all of the cracked joints are removed, new weather resistant mortar is applied in the joints making the masonry work look new again.


Masonry pillars are a classic addition to patios, fences, or entryways. They are also durable, lasting for decades, and can be more cost efficient compared to other fence and column materials. We apply the proper techniques to build a solid foundation ensuring longevity with pillars. Pillars can be built with natural or manufactured stone, brick, or block.


Glass blocks have high thermal insulation values – superior to double-glazing and equal to double brick walls. Glass blocks act as a thermal barrier, significantly reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Glass blocks are typically used for window openings, showers, and wall panels, and are becoming increasingly popular with designers. Glass blocks are primarily chosen as a building material for their appearance, light diffusion, good fire ratings, impact resistance and thermal insulation.